Client Commitment - Team of Experts

Aligned with our players best interests

One of Momentum greatest strengths is to clearly identify the specialists to be positioned to provide our clients with the best advice and comprehensive solutions depending on each individual situation. Based on our clients and their family needs, our team of experts organizes and defines the scope of interests and subdivides them into smaller parts which are easier to manage, but always keeping in mind the greater vision of our clients’ portfolio.

Our continued involvement with seasoned professionals, along with the regular reviews included into our strategic process, enables us to deliver the perfect plan that closes the gap between where our players stand today and where they want to be tomorrow. Momentum Hockey has a strong group of professionals and specialists, and in addition, we also work closely with selected experts from across our impressive networks that are integral to our clients’ plan.

Our program includes innovative player development services, medical attention, business advice, marketing services, banking and legal specialists, media and public relations skills development, financial and estate planning consultants, post career executive educations programs and much more. We are the best team to capture the specific needs for each of our clients because we truly care about them and their well-being before, during and after their hockey career.