Services - Insurance

At Momentum Hockey, we are well aware of the needs for our players and their families’ security so we have developed a program with a comprehensive approach based on our knowledge and the strong relationships we have with the top specialized insurance groups in the industry. Momentum works closely with the teams, the leagues and the players’ associations to optimize all its clients’ insurance coverage 24/7.

Through our advisory process, we analyze and make sure all insurance coverage and protection is done for each of our clients, whether they are in major junior or in the professional ranks. From life and career ending insurance planning to enhanced accident sickness disability programs, Momentum takes care of all player insurance needs including: quotations and renewals, coverage and sums insured, policy periods, medical reports and underwriting, pre-existing injuries or conditions, and even additional coverage for international medical care.

It is very important to us that our players and their families feel secure and that they are reassured that all their requirements met. With experts in Montreal, Toronto and New York, we are able to provide immediate and quality assistance to our players at any time and at an exceptional value so they can easily achieve peace of mind and expand their plan way beyond the game.